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What is Saltwater Chlorination?

An Aquajoy Saltwater Chlorination System is basically a chlorine generator, which consists of two parts:

  • Aquajoy Power Pack  - a low voltage power supply;
  • Aquajoy Cell  - an electrolytic cell

As the saltwater passes over the electrolytic cell the process of electrolysis converts salt to sodium hypochloride (liquid chlorine).

The advantages of salt in swimming pools, apart from the sanitising effect are the pleasantness of the water, lack of red eyes from prolonged bathing, convenience and safety, lower chemical costs and the fact that asthma and hayfever sufferers can now swim in and under water without adverse symptoms.


The Aquajoy Cell is plumbed into the return to pool line after the filter, heater and pressure pool cleaner line; and the power pack is mounted on a wall or post in close proximity to the cell.

Common salt is added to the pool water, at a rate of 5 kilograms for every 1 000 litres (5 000 parts per million). This salinity level is 1/8th (one eighth) the strength of sea water, it is so mild it is actually pleasant to taste.

Salt needs to be replaced only when water is lost through overflowing or flooding. Evaporation of water will only concentrate the salt level and will be diluted again when the pool level is topped up.

Note: Water may flow either way through the inlet/outlet ports on the cell, (ie. cell may be installed reversed). Gas and electric heaters require the Aquajoy Cell to be installed at a minimum of one metre from heater outlets. The Aquajoy Cell must be installed in a horizontal position to ensure the gas detection sensor functions as designed.

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